Buying with Torii

a step-by-step guide

We're here to help you through your home-buying process,
and you can reach out at any time.
Here's a snapshot of what the process typically looks like.


Secure financing

  • Buying in cash? You’re all set.
  • Need a mortgage? Get preapproved.
    • Contact us if you need help or a recommendation

Search for a home

  • Find a home using either Torii’s data-driven search tools, or through any other real estate website.

Visit homes

  • Use Torii to find upcoming open houses
  • If you need a private showing, schedule it using Torii

Make an offer

  • Use Torii to create your offer
    • If you need help with pricing or details, contact us.
  • A licensed agent will reach out to you with your documents to e-sign
  • If your offer isn’t accepted right away, we’ll let you know why, and offer help in negotiation if you want it.

Get ready to close

  • Need help with an inspection or an appraisal? Need an intro to a great real estate attorney? We’ve got your back throughout the whole closing process, and we’re available to help whenever you need it.

Close, and get your Torii refund

  • When you close on your house, Torii returns you the entire buyer’s agent commission, minus a flat fee of $4,000.
  • Example of your Torii refund:
    • $600,000 purchase price * 2.5% fee = $15,000 buyer’s agent fee.
    • At closing, you’ll see a $15,000 credit on your HUD Settlement Statement, and then Torii’s $4,000 flat fee. If your closing costs are less than the remaining $11,000, we’ll write you a check for the balance.

Get Started

Find the perfect house.
Make your offer in minutes.